• Introducing the flex Power System


    The flex Power SystemTM is the industry's best value and most flexible, reliable, secure technologically superior microgrid crontrol platform. Supported by game changing energy storage, the flex Power SystemTM will change the way the world views and uses energy.

  • Government & Military Contracting Solutions

    Learn more about our contracting vehicles for providing advanced energy solutions to the U.S. Government and the Military. Indian Energy offers small business, native american owned, minority owned set-aside opportunities. Indian Energy has entered into a Joint Venture (Chippewa Sustainable Solutions) with Chippewa Tribal Industries (A SBA approved Tribally-own 8(a) participant) which is capable of providing advanced energy solutions via a sole-source contracting vehicle to the Federal Government and Military.

  • Advanced Energy Storage Solutions

    Learn how Indian Energy provides advanced energy storage solutions to owners & operators of renewable generation plants to assist in firming up capacity and reducing the intermittency of the sustainable resource. Game changing energy storage at a fraction of the cost of lithium ion technology (based upon effective price per kWh).

  • Introducing the Asigin and Asigin-Pro

    The Asigin and Asigin-Pro are powerful energy data collectors/aggregators which coupled with advanced cloud based analytics and reporting capabilties provide a world class M&V solution. Learn how IE's M&V offering can provide additional revenue streams with demand aggregation and automated demand response via ADR 2.0b

  • DBE Supply Chain Logistics

    Learn how Indian Energy can help public utilities with their mandated diversity supply targets, or assist prime contractors with their federal small business participation plans. Indian Energy is an authorized minority-owned distributor/value added reseller of solar panels, inverters, balance of system items, CTC Global's ACCC Conductor and Panasonic Toughbooks.

  • T&D Upgrade or Deferral Solutions

    Learn how Indian Energy can assist utilties and transmission system operators with T&D upgrades, or defer upgrades via our advanced energy storage and microgrid solutions. New transmission projects are prime candidates for our ACCC Conductor.

  • Municipal, College Campuses and Tribal Nation Microgrids

    Learn how Indian Energy can help municipalities, college campuses and tribal nations secure their mission critical facilities with the flex Power System. Keep first responders and critical water infrastructure operational 7/24 with our advanced energy solutions designed to ensure power on-demand.

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