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Providing Tomorrow’s Energy Solutions, Today

Indian Energy’s team of proven industry experts provide advanced energy solutions that range in size and scope from utility-scale energy development to microgrids containing “microgrids of microgrids”.

The building block of our solutions is our “Big Data” energy awarness capabilities which measure energy usage in 1-minute intervals at the facility level down to the branch circuit level. 


Indian Energy assists tribal nations with their energy sovereignty goals. Indian Energy and its strategic partners provide complete turnkey energy sovereignty solutions, including:

  • Tribal Utility Authority Creation
  • Strategic Energy Master Planning
  • Energy Resource Feasibility Studies
  • Energy Awareness (MV&A). Solutions
  • Energy Efficiency Solutions
  • Owners Engineering Consultation
  • Energy Development
  • Microgrid Design & Permitting
  • Microgrid Systems Integration

Indian Energy and its strategic partners provide various energy technology acquisition methods to meet the tribes’ energy sovereignty goals. Initiatives can be financed via the following: 

  • Design Build via Direct Tribal Capital Expenditure
  • Long-term Power Purchase Agreements (via PPA)
  • Off-Balance Sheet Financing (via ESP or ESCO) 

These methods can be leveraged through the use of:

  • State & Federal Grants
  • DOE Tribal Energy Loan Guarantee Program
  • New Market Tax Credits

Indian Energy’s strategic financial partners assists the tribes in monetizing all available tax benefits, with the overall end goal of tribal ownership of the generation assets for maximum benefit of the tribal nation and its citizens.

Indian Energy assists the United States Government and their federal agencies with their energy security and resilience. Indian Energy and its strategic partners provide complete military hardened cyber-secure microgrid solutions, focusing on the “DOD” & DHS”.

  • Energy Security Solutions
  • Energy Resource Feasibility Studies
  • Energy Awareness (MV&A) Consulting
  • Energy Efficiency Solutions
  • Microgrid Design & Permitting
  • Microgrid Systems Integration

Indian Energy and its strategic partners provide various energy technology acquisition methods to meet the United States energy security mission. Initiatives can be financed via the following:

  • Design Build Contracts
  • Long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)
  • Off-Balance Sheet Financing (via ESP or ESCO)
  • Public Private Partnerships (via EUL) 

These energy security methods can be contracted with Indian Energy through competitive solicitations or through our capability to offer direct-award solutions, that significantly decrease the acquisition timeframe. Direct-award contracts are for Installation Commanders, Energy Managers and Contracting Officers interested in energy project NOW!

Contact IE to learn more about our federal services and solutions.

In our Ojibwe language, the word “Asigin” translates to “Gather” or “Collect”.   

Indian Energy’s big data energy-awareness solutions are driven by Asigin and Asigin-Pro IoT devices, secure cloud storage, and advanced data analytics.  

The Asigin IoT Energy Router communicates with over 100 energy devices over multiple protocols and physical inputs. The Asigin is the best value solution for big data communications with all your energy systems, including:  

  • Energy Management Systems
  • Building Management Systems
  • Utility Smart Meters (Electricity, Water, Gas)
  • Energy Meters (Electricity, Water, Gas)
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Direct Load Controllers
  • SCADA Historians
  • Microgrid Control Platforms 

The Asigin-Pro communicates with multiple IP-based meters, sensors, 24 current transducers and 3-line voltages. On-board memory for data storage increases resiliency in the event of communications loss with the cloud. The Assign-Pro reduces the cost, complexity, and use of: 

  • (8) 3-phase Meters
  • Multi-protocol Communications Interfaces
  • Data Clients (BACnet/IP, Modbus TCP, SNMP)
  • Data Servers (BACnet/IP, Modbus TCP, SNMP)
  • Data Logger & Acquisition Systems
  • Open ADR Client
  • Data Streaming Engine 

Contact IE to learn more about understanding your energy usage and how you can leverage energy awareness into operational savings.  

DUNS: 962398025

Indian Energy offers services & solutions in the following specific NAICS codes:

221111 – Hydroelectric Power Generation
221112 – Fossil Fuel Power Generation
221114 – Solar Electric Power Generation
221115 – Wind Electric Power Generation
221116 – Geothermal Electric Power Generation
221117 – Biomass Electric Power Generation
221118 – Other Electric Power Generation
221121 – Electric Bulk Power Transmission, Control, and Distribution
221122 – Electric Power Distribution
237130 – Alternative Energy Structure Construction
335931 – Current-Carrying Wiring Devices
541330 – Engineering Services
541690 – Energy Consulting Services

High Performance Conductors for a Low Carbon World™

CTC Global ACCC® Conductor offers twice the capacity of conventional all-aluminum or steel-reinforced conductor with far less thermal sag. ACCC Conductor runs cooler and more efficiently than any other conductor type of the same diameter and weight. Line losses are decreased under any operating condition—freeing up generation capacity assets to serve growing demand while reducing emissions.

Indian Energy is a DBE supplier of ACCC Conductor.


The latest in intumescent fire protection is now available in North America.  Cast in forms and molded into precast applications, intumescent epoxy  has a proven track record with over 50+ years of protecting assets and lives.  

Flame Cap’s factory manufactured precast epoxy intumescent fire protection has a clean application, not sprayed on which makes it non-disruptive to your business, code compliant, less maintenance over time.

  • Unlimited shapes, textures & finishes
  • Reproducible consistent performance
  • Fast installation on new product & retrofits

Indian Energy is the “Exclusive ” Dealer of the FlameCap product line to the State of Califronia and its Utilities.

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