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Oceanside, Calif. (Sept. 17, 2015) – On September 28th, 2015, the United States Marine Corps will honor the Navajo Code Talkers in a historic ceremonial event during the Navajo Nation’s Advanced FractalGrid tour of Camp Pendleton. Navajo Nation Speaker of the House, Honorable Lorenzo Bates, accepted a joint invitation from Indian Energy and Big Navajo Energy to tour Camp Pendleton’s Advanced FractalGrid.

The United States Marine Corps will provide an in-depth tour of Camp Pendleton for Speaker Bates, various Council Delegates, Navajo agency officials, and the guests of honor: a small group of surviving Navajo Code Talkers. This tour will be a first in kind ceremonial event, emphasizing the Code Talkers’ significant contribution to the ending of World War II. Many of the Code Talkers will be visiting Camp Pendleton for the first time since completing their military service and providing the United States Marine Corps with an undecipherable means of battlefield communication.

After the ceremony, officials of the Navajo Nation will tour a state of the art military microgrid known as the “Advanced FractalGrid.” The Advanced FractalGrid is a network of cyber secure microgrids that are fully integrated and simultaneously work together to autonomously secure and control Camp Pendleton’s renewable energy generation, back up power and energy usage. The Advanced FractalGrid is controlled and commanded by CleanSpark’s flex Power System™ and backed by advanced energy storage flywheels. This demonstrated capability achieves 100% renewable energy use, and is capable of shaving peak energy usage (shifting energy consumption out of high cost utility periods), as well as “islanding” the 12,000 volt Advanced FractalGrid whenever it is necessary or desirable to do so. The system provides true energy security and independence at a significantly lower cost than grid power, and offers real potential for helping the Navajo Nation achieve its energy sovereignty goals.