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MCAS Miramar, Calif. (December 12, 2022) –

Indian Energy hosted and Industry Day aboard MCAS Miramar to discuss the benefits of the Rapid Integration and Certification Unit (RICU). LDES systems from EOS Energy Enterprises and Invinity Energy Systems were shown and the technologies explained. Attending the event were representatives from the California Energy Commission, US Bank, MCAS Miramar Energy, Maada’oozh and Michael Firenze Inc.

From left to right: Craig Reiter (Maada’oozh), Nicole Reiter (IE), Allen J Cadreau (IE), Adam Altenhofen (US Bank), Drew Bohan (CEC), Whitney Hampton (US Bank), Allen G Cadreau (IE), Mike Gravely (CEC), Jessica Cadreau (IE), MikeFirenze (MFI), Mick Wasco (MCAS Miramar Energy) and Erik Stokes (CEC).