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Los Angeles, Calif., January 22, 2021Indian Energy LLC, was selected as a white paper presenter, by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Tranportation Authority (Metro) for its upcoming Energy Resiliency Summit. LA Metro, the region’s transportation planner, coordinator, designer, builder and operator, announced the final list of presenting companies, panelists and keynote speakers to discuss the future of energy resiliency in the region for the Metro Energy Resiliency Summit. The Summit will be held virtually on Wednesday, January 27, from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. PST.

“Having a highly-regarded industry platform, such as the Energy Resiliency Summit, to be able to present our work demonstrating long-duration, non-lithium ion based energy storage technologies to key participants and registrants in California is crucial for us to be able to bring our research to light and into the practical and tangible world,” said Allen G. Cadreau, CEO of Indian Energy. “When we have the opportunity to educate and ensure that the local community in California truly understands our energy grid vulnerabilities and imminent need for energy storage capabilities, having a solution ready to execute is vital, and we are proud to be able to solve for this large challenge facing our society.”

Indian Energy, along with development partner Webcor, will present its work on the Hybrid Modular Storage System (HMSS), a long-duration energy storage demonstration project funded by a California Energy Commission grant. The HMSS, currently under development at Camp Pendleton, will test and verify the performance characteristics of multiple energy storage technologies singularly and in various combinations. Indian Energy believes that the energy storage solutions that are being assessed and verified as part of this grant, or energy storage technologies that are at a minimum of Technology Readiness Level 8 (TRL-8) will be critical to the energy resiliency strategy that is being considered by LA Metro.

“Metro is committed to finding sustainable, innovative and cost effective solutions for energy resilience, as well as working with small and diverse businesses,” said Craig Reiter, LA Metro’s Sr. Director of Sustainable Development and Innovation. “Working with Indian Energy on microgrid fractal controls systems, DER technical evaluations and the Energy Resiliency Summit has expanded my understanding of energy technologies and solutions for the transit industry.”

About the Energy Resilience Series:

LA Metro’s Energy Resiliency Series is intended to explore whether Metro can “be up while the grid is down” and help shape a long-range energy resiliency strategy for Metro and the region.

In addition to Indian Energy, the final Summit event on January 27 will feature presentations from GDS Associates and Gannett Fleming on proposed energy resiliency solutions selected through Metro’s Request for White Papers, several keynote speakers, and a facilitated panel featuring experts across a range of sectors to discuss the future of energy resiliency in the region.

Registration is open until January 27. Use this form to register for Metro’s Energy Resiliency Summit. Please reach out to energyresiliency@metro.net with any questions.

About Metro

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) is currently providing lifeline service for essential trips and frontline workers. Metro continues building the most ambitious transportation infrastructure program in the United States and is working to greatly improve mobility through its Vision 2028 Plan.

Metro has proudly pledged to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Health and Safety Commitment Program to help ensure the safe return of transit riders as the U.S. recovers from the  COVID-19 pandemic.